WMAA welcomes Victorian boost to recycling industry

The Waste Management Association of Australia (WMAA), the national peak body for Australia’s waste and resource recovery industry, today welcomes the Victorian Government’s announcement of a further $24 million injection of new monies into recycling to assist in building a resilient sector in Victoria.

“We absolutely welcome Victoria stepping up and showing both leadership and financial commitment in using and buying recycled product in Government purchasing,” said CEO Gayle Sloan. “This undertaking by the Minister D'Ambrosio and the Victorian Government is a an act of true leadership, and we hope that all other States and the Federal government are watching and hopefully acting soon!”

Today’s announcement by the Victorian Government follows a $13 million package earlier this year, to assist with stabilising the market. The Victorian Government can be congratulated for the way that they have responded so rapidly and thoughtfully to this issue. “Financial support for the industry is very welcome, however this is one part of what is required to creating a sustainable and resilient long term industry in Australia” said Ms Sloan.

“Victoria is demonstrating, Government absolutely must work with industry and Councils to identify and create the correct market conditions that enable Australia to make the structual changes required to invest in jobs and re-manufacturing in Australia,” said Ms Sloan. ”The decision by the Victorian Government to lead the way and create market demand for recycled product is exactly the market signal we need.”

“We know that 91% of the public supports Government buying recycled material, so please just get on with it!”

The package announced by Minister D'Ambrosio is a very balanced step ahead, as it considers the needs to improve the quality of recycled material, through education, specification and technology, whilst developing the end-markets and demand for the material.

“The Victorian Government, by enaging with industry and the community, are sending the signals to Victorian remanufacturing industry that they can invest and grow as there will be a market for recycled material in Victoria.”

“Today’s announcement from the Victorian Government is just the type of forward thinking and resolve we need from all states, and the Federal Government.”