WMAA announces ResourceCo as new Peak Member

The National peak body for the waste and resource recovery industry, WMAA, is today pleased to announce ResourceCo as a new Peak Member, joining Suez and Remondis.

ResourceCo is one of Australia’s leading resource recovery businesses, accepting and processing over two million tonnes of material per annum. It operates state-of-the-art facilities throughout Australia, which are able to manufacture a wide range of quality recycled products and fuel from various material streams.

“On behalf of the members of WMAA I would like to thank ResourceCo for their confidence in and commitment to our Association,” said Gayle Sloan, CEO of WMAA. “It is wonderful to see a long term member take a more active part in leading the Association.”

WMAA is proud to now have three of Australia’s largest and most dynamic waste management and resource recovery companies on its Board. These companies cover the entire spectrum of this essential industry from collections, to landfill, to resource recovery and energy from waste, and will serve as a great complement to our new Directors that are sworn in at this AGM on Friday. WMAA has the ability to have up to five Peak industry Members to be invited to join its Board, if the companies pass rigorous assessment of their waste and resource recovery business in Australia.

“WMAA has led the industry in shining a light on the essential service that our industry provides and working with industry and government to ensure our mutual success in providing that service to the community,” said Mr Ben Sawley, CEO of ResourceCo Sustainable Energy. “With recent international pressures our industry finds itself in a difficult situation and only by working together will we see our industry move forward. I encourage all WMAA Members take an active role in our Association.”

Ben Sawley will join the CEO of Suez Australia, Mr Mark Vanhoek, and the CEO of Remondis Australia, Mr Luke Agati, as peak member directors on the WMAA National Board, effective from the AGM this Friday 11 May. WMAA’s Board of Directors come from industry, local government, consulting and product stewardship organisations reflecting the true diversity and depth of this essential industry.