NSW Minister urged to show leadership and stop the blame game

The Waste and Resource Recovery industry is hugely disappointed to read the article today in the Daily Telegraph, where the Minister for Environment is attacking the NSW EPA.

Industry absolutely acknowledges that the situation in relation to the revocation of the Municipal Waste Organic Output Exemption is far from ideal. However, industry is working constructively with the EPA on this matter, and we would like to see the Minister also focus on getting on with the job of working with the EPA to ensure the long-term viability of our essential sector, for the people of NSW. As a start, the Minister could drive the initiatives proposed by industry  on 31 October 2018 to ensure NSW has viable resource recovery options.

Even though we saw this Minister publicly attack her own Department around the interstate movement of waste in August 2017, we are astounded to have a Minister of the Crown who has been in that role for just shy of two years publicly blame the Acting Chair and CEO of the EPA who has been in the role for less than six months. Industry wants to see the Minister providing leadership and direction for, as well as working with our sector, rather than pointing fingers at her staff.