Queensland landfill disposal bans a step in the right direction

The Waste Management Association of Australia (WMAA) today welcomed discussions facilitated by the Queensland government to consider the introduction of bans on a number of waste types from being disposed directly into landfills.

"While there are still a significant number of issues that need to be addressed in this process, this move represents a step in the right direction that should not only assist in the Queensland government achieving its recycling targets but, also move the industry closer to a nationally consistent waste management framework", said WMAA Chief Executive Officer, Martin Tolar.

"Our initial thoughts are that the government needs to be mindful of any regulatory change needing to form part of a broader reform process and not just be a standalone instrument.

"Additionally, consideration also needs to be given to the best ways in assisting the industry with meeting any new compliance obligations, as well as, resourcing an effective enforcement team to prevent those that want to ignore regulatory requirements by operating illegally."

WMAA will be working closely with its members to put forward its views to the Queensland government during the consultation period that will continue through to the end of January 2016.