Badgerys Creek announcement is a wasted opportunity

The Waste Management Association of Australia (WMAA) is calling on the NSW Planning Minister Rob Stokes to give a higher priority to the waste management infrastructure that will be required to service the businesses and residents that occupy the newly announced Western Sydney Priority Growth Area.

WMAA Chief Executive Officer Martin Tolar said ?It is essential that waste management becomes an upfront consideration when governments and councils in NSW embark upon new planning initiatives.

While we welcome the announcement by the Minister to progress the development of the Badgerys Creek precinct, WMAA believes that the management of waste that will be generated by this significant development precinct should be recognised as an essential consideration in the infrastructure planning that will be required to support the region as it develops.

Too often the management of waste from new developments is given little consideration when the critical initial planning decisions are made. This leads to problems that over time add to the cost of waste and recovery management services. These costs are then ultimately borne by residents and business.

WMAA believes that the Badgerys Creek announcement provides the NSW government with the perfect opportunity to give the waste management industry a seat at the planning table to produce a world class solution to waste and resource recovery for this new Western Sydney community.?

WMAA will be seeking a meeting with the Minister in coming days.