Gabrielle Kelly AM

Chief Advisor, Climate Action - Green Industries SA
CEO - Gabrielle Kelly & Associates

Gabrielle Kelly is an inspiring leader of change, speaker  and innovator working with Boards, executive teams and community. She delivers powerful keynotes on subjects such as A Psychological Vaccination for the Nation; Re-Building Human Capital in Cities and Towns in the COVID era; Wellbeing for People and Planet; Resilient Thinking in Democracy and Wellbeing and Productivity. 

Her driving mission is to contribute practically to the positive future of people and planet, by leveraging human capacity, inspired leadership, scientific evidence and by strengthening our democracy.

The founding Director of the SAHMRI Wellbeing and Resilience Centre 2014-19 which she set up to implement society-wide psychological health and wellbeing, she developed a practical, scalable method to build wellbeing for business and community, with proven results. She is recognised globally, as a leader in the implementation of wellbeing and resilience at scale. 

She turbo-charged the acclaimed Adelaide Thinkers in Residence program 2009-13, inserting global thought leaders into city zeitgeist and systems, driving transformational change in ageing, advanced manufacturing, early childhood and wellbeing. An early leader in the global climate change effort, she produced and directed award-winning documentaries on climate change, before managing digital media companies in Adelaide, Sydney and New York. .