Gavin Reeves

Principal Engineer, ATC Williams

Gavin is a Principal waste engineer with over 15 years consulting experience in waste management including in landfill and transfer station engineering feasibility, planning and design; CQA management and reporting; environmental risk assessments; and developing environmental and operational management plans. He has worked with many LGAs across Australia and for this presentation draws on the feedback and observations from clients and stakeholders from across QLD.

Joel Harris

Director, Resource Innovations

Joel Harris works strategically with local government to deliver resource recovery and waste management solutions.  Joel manages Resource Innovations, predominantly working in Queensland, New South Wales and the NT. They specialise in working out if projects make sense, how to procure them and supporting project delivery. A long-time ago, Joel gained extensive practical experience working with Visy Recycling, Veolia, BHP, Queensland Gas Company and Queensland Treasury.  When not working, he enjoys kayaking, mountain biking, eating good food and helping to raise 3 kids.

Mal Jones

Senior Principal Waste Engineer, ATC Williams

Mal has an engineering career spanning over 35 years in waste management, environmental and general civil projects working in both the public and private sectors. 

Mal currently leads a team of waste professionals in ATC Williams providing a full suite of waste management consulting services. Of relevance to the presentation, Mal has consulted to Toowoomba Regional Council over the past 5 years on projects such as closure designs for Council’s 28 Landfill sites, provision of operational fill plans, Masterplanning and piggyback liner for a vertical expansion cell at the Toowoomba Waste Management Centre and Project Director for the design and construction of 11 new waste management facilities for Toowoomba.

Gavin Hull

Principal Consultant, Arcadis

Gavin is a principal consultant at Arcadis with 12 years waste sector experience in Australia and the UK and is now based in Brisbane. He has extensive experience with waste feedstock analysis, waste and resources data modelling and analysis, materials flow analysis and specific interest in the transition towards the Circular Economy.