Harry Buck

Coordinator Resource Recovery and Waste, City of Melville

Harry Buck is a young professional who made the switch from the private waste sector to local government two years ago. Since then, Harry has been instrumental in the implementation and ongoing management of the City of Melville’s FOGO 3-bin system, and continues to lead his operational team as one of only three local governments currently exceeding the state government’s material recovery target.

Bob Gordon

Head of Growth, Goterra

Bob has held sustainability roles in the hospitality sector, advised Governments regarding sustainability issues in retail, and worked with the sustainable investment community. He has implemented sustainability programs in retail and hospitality. Bob joined Goterra to accelerate the adoption of resilient, low impact organic waste management systems.

Laura Christian

Principal Policy Officer, Department of Environment and Science

As a Principal Policy Officer in the Office of Resource Recovery, Laura contributes to the ongoing implementation of Queensland’s Waste Management and Resource Recovery Strategy. Specifically, she is responsible for developing Queensland’s Organics Strategy, and supporting organics research and program development.

Margie Dickson

Resource and Waste Management Consultant, Arup

Margie is Waste Management Consultant with a civil and environmental engineering background. Since joining the Arup Resource and Waste Management team in 2017, she has worked to accelerate the shift towards a more diverse and sustainable mix of resource recovery infrastructure across Australia. Margie’s experience spans infrastructure project development and approvals, policy and strategy and stakeholder engagement, with a focus on food and garden organics and thermal energy from waste projects.