Julien Gastaldi

Strategic Development & Origination, Corporate Carbon

Julien Gastaldi has 12 years' experience working on Climate Change, Waste Management, Pollution Pricing, Carbon Markets, Land Management and Community Development.  He has an acute sense of social justice and is an advocate for a 'Just Transition' to a low-carbon economy. Julien works through building loyal partnerships to redirect climate finance towards the realisation of local social, economic and environmental benefits. He also brings connections to international carbon markets in Europe and the South Pacific to its local governments, indigenous groups, farmers, and corporate clients.   He is the chair of national carbon division of the Waste Management and Resource Recovery Association of Australia (WMRR), and holds both a Masters of Civil Engineering (Environmental Management / Solid Waste Management) from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) and an Ecole Polytechnique’s Masters of Management, Science & Environmental Physics (Climate Change Dynamics).   Julien joined Corporate Carbon Advisory in July 2020 to lead our Strategic Development & Origination team.


Dr Jon Varcoe

Environment and Innovation Group Manager, LMS Energy

Dr Jon Varcoe is group manager of LMS’s environment and innovation team; leading the ongoing development of specialist biogas, renewable energy and emissions abatement technologies. His role builds upon LMS’s pioneering development of the landfill biogas industry over almost 4 decades, which has contributed to LMS’s current position as Australia’s largest abater of greenhouse gas emissions.  Jon combines a PhD in earth sciences with almost 20 years’ experience as a professional scientist, specialising in project optimisation and environmental risk management. Although the majority of his career has been dedicated to the management of landfill biogas, Jon has also worked in a number of related industries including: biotechnology, agriculture, contaminated lands and petroleum exploration. Outside of LMS, Jon has a secondary professional interest in minimising food waste generation, as a partner in a Mexican restaurant!

Tiana Nairn

Policy Group Manager, LMS Energy

Tiana Nairn has joined LMS Energy as Policy Group Manager earlier this month. She is also the Lecturer, Environmental Policy and Regulations at the University of South Australia. Prior to joining LMS, Tiana led a suite of legislative and policy reforms for improved waste management and resource recovery as the Waste Reform Policy Program Manager at the South Australian EPA. She has extensive regulatory reform experience including overseeing the successful passage of the Environment Protection (Waste Reform) Amendment Act 2017 and the Environment Protection (Waste to Resources) Policy 2010, including landfill bans and systematic resource recovery requirements. She has also worked on inter-jurisdictional policy projects, broader environmental reforms, environmental assessment coordination and as an Associate at a specialist planning and environmental law firm. In 2018 she was nominated for the national WMAA Women in the Environment Award and, in 2019, she was a judge for WMRR’s APC Woman of Waste Award and the Communication Engagement Success of the Year. Tiana is committed to increased wellbeing and prosperity through sound environmental policy and is looking forward to contributing to LMS’ significant environmental achievements.

Robin Gonzalez

Environmental Consultant, MRA Consulting

Bio to come.