Monique Retamal

Program Lead - Resource Stewardship, University of Technology Sydney

Monique is Program Lead for Resource Stewardship at the Institute for Sustainable Futures in Sydney. She has a background in environmental engineering and social research and specialises in sustainable systems of consumption and production in the Asia-Pacific region, with a focus on policy and new business models. Currently, her research is focused on circular supply chains and environmental governance for plastics and textiles.

Cate Turner

Manager Data Intelligence & Information - Recycling Victoria

Cate is leading the expansion of Victoria’s waste data systems to cover the entire circular economy, at the new Recycling Victoria. She is developing Victoria’s first Circularity Report, and instigated and oversees publication of the Recovered Resources Market Bulletin in partnership with WMRR. She has a background in strategy, foresight, markets and sustainability – as is a self-confessed ‘Data Nerd’.

Simon Kalinowski

CEO, Mandalay Technologies

Simon is an innovator and thought leader in the waste industry with a proven track record. He believes that radical change is needed to solve the global waste challenge which he inspires his team to solve with technology and data.   Noted for his technology minded and spirited entrepreneurial approach, Simon is well-placed to impact change as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Mandalay Technologies, Chair of Six Pivot and founder of naus Waste Intelligence.

Andy Hill

Founder, Planet Price

Andy is a technology and sustainability entrepreneur and the Founder of Planet Price. He was previously the CEO and co-founder of Oniqua, a global supply chain analytics business which was acquired by IBM Watson in 2018. Andy conducted the research for Planet Price as part of a Masters in Sustainability Leadership at Cambridge University.