Jobs, jobs, jobs! SA remanufacturing at its finest.

With less than a month to go before the inaugural Buy Recycled Expo in Adelaide, we hope you’ve got 28 and 29 October blocked out in your diary, your thinking caps on, and your curiosity piqued for this must-attend event of 2020.

The Buy Recycled Expo SA, brought to you by the Waste Management and Resource Recovery Association of Australia (WMRR), in partnership with Green Industries SA, will connect buyers and sellers of Australian recycled content. It will showcase innovation and prove the viability and opportunities to close the loop on our materials, which in turn will create a host of local jobs and build strong local economies at a time when governments and businesses are digging deep to rebuild after COVID-19.

Held at the Adelaide Convention Centre on 28 and 29 October 2020, the expo is free to attend and will bring to the fore a network of Australian re-manufacturers. Each week, WMRR will showcase a selection of Buy Recycled’s innovative exhibitors working across a range of material streams and today, we turn the spotlight on a few of SA’s very own remanufacturers who are leading the charge in driving circular principles and playing a significant role in strengthening the state’s economy.


RecycleMe increases the recyclability of packaging, including coffee cups. 


The Detmold Group is a leading manufacturer of paper- and board-based sustainable packaging products for a diverse range of customers.


PaperPak – Australian-made recyclable paper bags and cartons, including a range of 100% recycled mailing boxes and paper bags.

Detpak – packaging solutions for the FMCG sector produced from sustainably and ethically sourced materials.

RecycleMe – products with lining options that drive recycling, including Next Generation that is easily removed from paper packaging.

Detmold also works with waste and resource recovery stakeholders to develop sustainable options for product disposal, including diverting products into new recycling streams. 

Industries and users: 
FMCG, retail, grocery and foodservice 

Two years since the first road in Australia was laid with Reconophalt, some 46 million plastic bags have been used in sustainable asphalt. 


Downer designs, builds and sustains assets, infrastructure and facilities and is a leading provider of integrated services in Australia and New Zealand.


Reconophalt – Australia’s first asphalt product that contains high recycled content from soft plastics, glass, toner, crumbed rubber from end-of-life roads, coarse aggregate and sand from street sweepings, and reclaimed asphalt pavement from end-of-life roads.

A kilometre of road paved with Reconophalt can contain 500,000 plastic bag and packaging equivalents, 165,000 glass bottles equivalents, and toner from 12,000 used printer cartridges.

Performance testing of some Reconophalt products have shown up to 65% improvement in fatigue life and superior deformation resistance for withstanding heavy vehicular traffic.

Industries and users: 
Federal government, state government, local government, developers, consultants

CarpetMate Premium is part of Dunlop’s range of foam underlays.


Dunlop has been manufacturing in Australia since 1969 and is the Australia’s largest provider of foam underlay.


Dunlop underlays are predominantly polyurethane foam made of 90% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable. 50% of recycled materials are sourced in Australia.

Dunlop also manages its own recycling program, ‘Recycle by Dunlop’, encouraging retailers to return their used underlay to the organisation. 

Industries and users: 
Construction, commercial, residential

Whether you’re looking to pave roads, lay new carpets, replace stormwater pipes, erect new playground furniture, or use sustainable packaging, be sure to register now.

WMRR is also seeking exhibitors who use these recycled material streams in their finished products – bricks and pavers, insulation, office furniture, steel, carpet and flooring, insulation, concrete, rubber, and textiles. If you fit the bill, we’d like to hear from you so please email conferences@wmrr.asn.au

The Buy Recycled Expo SA will be held in conjunction with WMRR’s SA Waste & Resource Recovery Conference.