Plastic and rubber recyclers take the stage at the SA Buy Recycled Expo

Are you in the market for products that use Australian recycled content manufactured right here on our shores? Have you ever wondered about the longevity and performance of products made of recycled materials? Would you like to connect with Australian remanufacturers to understand how you could meet your sustainability goals? Are you curious about what you could replace virgin products with?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you must attend the SA Buy Recycled Expo in Adelaide next month. And now that SA has opened its borders to all jurisdictions other than Victoria (hang in there!), there really is no reason to miss this essential free event.

Whether you’re in the marine industry, local government, a landscaper, civil engineer, architect, builder or constructor, Buy Recycled is SA’s first-ever expo that will connect buyers and sellers in a world that is increasingly closing the loop across material streams.

Brought to you by the Waste Management and Resource Recovery Association of Australia (WMRR), in partnership with Green Industries SA, Buy Recycled will be held on 28 and 29 October 2020 at the Adelaide Convention Centre. It is free to exhibit and attend and boasts a network of Australian re-manufacturers that have taken up the mantle to produce viable products made of Australian post-consumer recyclate.

Over the coming weeks, WMRR will showcase our many innovative exhibitors working across a range of materials streams, starting this week with plastic and rubber.

WMRR is also seeking exhibitors who use these recycled material streams in their finished products – bricks and pavers, insulation, office furniture, steel, carpet and flooring, insulation, concrete, rubber, and textiles. If you fit the bill, we’d like to hear from you so please email [email protected]

Unveiling Aussie innovation in recycled plastic and rubber

The production and consumption of plastic and rubber have skyrocketed over the last few decades and while these materials are here to stay, we can change the narrative of what we do with our end-of-life plastic and rubber.  

Many opportunities await but right here, right now, Australia has thinkers, innovators, and first movers who have closed the loop on plastic and rubber, many of whom will be showcasing their products at the SA Buy Recycled Expo.

An APR deck comprising  90% recycled content in Lake Macquarie, NSW.


APR is a family-owned Australian designer and manufacturer of Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) products. 

Vehicle stops, retaining walls, square, round and screening profiles, as well as the ecocomp range of WPC decking products.

Industries and users: 
Building projects, landscaping, civil construction, global logistics, local government, marinas, national parks, jetties, ports, posts and rails.

Plastic milk bottles shredded and crushed locally by Ecoplas Australia.


A new business that seeks to design and manufacture products by tradesmen for tradesmen, utilising recycled plastic sourced locally. 

Poly droppers for rural fencing, outdoor furniture, bollards and stakes, reverse parking stops. 

Industries and users: 
Rural suppliers, local government, government bodies, public.

Sealmac Green paving fabric mitigates crack reflection. 

Geofabrics designs geosynthetic solutions to best meet its client’s performance and economic requirements. In the landfill space, Geofabrics develops lining systems that are designed to exceed regulatory guidelines, protecting the environment through the control of hazardous leachates and liquors from waste and containment facilities. 

Non-woven geotextile and paving fabric - bidim Green and Sealmac Green. 

Industries and users: 
Local government, road projects, landfills.


The Greenwell Water Saver, made of 100% recycled polypropylene, ensures deep root watering.

An Australian-owned company that manufactures, imports and distributes quality automatic irrigation equipment for commercial and domestic use throughout Australia.

Residential series valve boxes, poly threaded risers, and the Greenwell Water Saver.  

Industries and users: 
Local government, irrigation industry, home gardeners.


Duratrack railway sleepers last 3X longer than timber, are tough, durable, and fit-for-purpose.

Integrated Recycling manufactures the Envire range and Duratrack at its Mildura factory in Victoria, and is part of the Integrated Packaging Groupa PPG company.

The Envire range of bollards, outdoor furniture, boardwalks, sleepers, tree stakes, and garden edging, and Duratrack rail sleepers. 

Industries and users: 
Government bodies, local government, civil contractors, rail, agriculture.


Replas recently debuted its recycled plastic mobile parklet in Sydney. 

Replas, an Australia’s mixed recycled plastic manufacturer, aims to provide a solution for plastic waste by delivering quality cost-effective sustainable products.

Bollards, decking, fencing, fitness trails and furniture, as well as products suitable for traffic control, parks, gardens and the utilities industry.

Industries and users: 
Local government, government bodies, national parks, civil contractors, landscapers, schools, community groups, architects, engineers, marine/coastal management, sporting clubs, hospitals. 


An athletic surface comprising 50% recycled content. 


A leading provider of surfacing products, Surface Contractors Australia uses recycled SBR rubber granules, recycled EPDM waste, and recycled brick and concrete aggregates. 

Precoated SBR Playground Impact Systems, EPDM Playground Impact Systems, Flexible Tree Root Systems, porous pavements, equestrian surfacing, and athletic surfaces. 

Industries and users: 
Sports and recreation, schools, childcare, infrastructure projects, local government, state government, federal government.