The Energy from Waste (EfW) working group, part of the EfW national division, supports the development of a viable EfW industry that operates within the framework of ecologically sustainable development.

The working group acknowledges that resources and/or energy may be recovered from the waste stream using a number of different technologies, and that the feasibility of each set of circumstances is unique. The EfW working group aims to encompass energy from waste and alternative waste technology issues, in recognition of the frequent synergies between these technologies in maximising resource utilisation.

The objectives of WMRR's EfW division are to facilitate sharing of relevant information among its members, provide support for appropriate and sustainable EfW initiatives in Australia, and contribute to the development and promotion of an understanding of EfW issues within the waste profession and the wider community. There are working groups in most Australian states which host periodic seminars at both a state and national level.



Vice Chair



Edward Nicholas, Tribe Infrastructure Group

Miles Mason, New Energy Corporation

Jade Garth, Arup


Blake Almond, Henshall Capital

Chris Alexander, Phoenix Power

Danette McLean, Aurecon


Henry Anning, ResourceCo




Gillian Hand-Smith, Sustainability by Innovation

Andrew Race, Veolia

Stuart Banks, General Electric


Jason Pugh, Laing Investment Management Services

John King, Talis Consultants