Women of Waste Leadership Breakfast Qld

Women of Waste Leadership Breakfast Qld
The Waste Management & Resource Recovery Association of Australia (WMRR) invites you to join us for our annual Women of Waste Leadership Breakfast, being held on Wednesday, 24 July 2019 at Blackbird. This event is designed to recognise women who are driving change in industry, and in doing so, are breaking down barriers and creating new career prospects for the next generation.
Members - $60, Non Members - $90                                                                              
For enquires contact info@wmrr.asn.au or (02) 8756 5000

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Director, Waste Avoidance & Recovery Recovery Policy I Office of Resource Recovery
Department of Environment and Science

With more than 25 years’ experience in waste management and resource recovery with state and local government, Kylie has a proven ability to develop and implement successful legislation and programs, and build collaborative stakeholder relationships.

Kylie enjoys the challenges involved with designing good policy that delivers real outcomes and in 2018 delivered Queensland’s single-use lightweight plastic shopping bag ban and container refund scheme.

Currently Director of Waste Avoidance and Recovery Policy in the Department of Environment and Science, Kylie is an environmental health officer by profession and holds Bachelors of Applied Science in Food Technology and Environmental Health.


Founder, Brisbane Tool Library

Sabrina Chakori holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology (University of Geneva) and a Master’s in Environmental Economics (The University of Queensland). Sabrina is currently a PhD candidate working on zero-packaging food systems. Her research interests encompass economic degrowth, new economy movements, the commons, ecological economics and ecology. Her publications focus on the necessity to rethink our consumption addiction. 
For more than a decade Sabrina has been advocating for a more sustainable society, working in many organisations in different countries, such as in Kenya, Mexico, Ecuador, Australia and around Europe. Her experience includes working in international arenas, such as for United Nations, as well as with indigenous communities in remote regions. In Queensland, she collaborated with the Environment Minister Dr Steven Mile to introduce the law to ban single-use plastic bags. 

In 2017, Sabrina founded the Brisbane Tool Library, a social enterprise that based on circular economy aims to reduce household consumption. At the Brisbane Tool Library people can borrow tools, camping gear, sport equipment and much more. Since 2018, this "library of things" is based at the State Library of Queensland



Senior Consultant: Risk, Regulation & Strategy, Mandalay Technologies

Lacey Webb is a former CFO and industry experienced Waste Strategist & Consultant, specialising in Risk, Regulation and Governance. An accomplished leader focusing on finance, process improvement and business transformation, she is CPA qualified and a specialist within entrepreneurial groups, Australian LGA recycling operations, and commercial waste management facilities.  Lacey is passionate about driving organisations to improve profitability and efficiency and her broad ranging financial, technical and operational experience allows her to lead change management across all levels of industry with ease.  

In 2017, together with Mandalay Technologies, Lacey identified a lack of consultancy available to waste management organisations throughout Australia that targets front end operations and financial compliance.  During this period she has aided Council and commercial facilities to identify opportunities in their governance practices, in operational and regulatory process and in financial process including identification of large scale institutional fraud.  

Having spent the past 6 months heavily embedded in waste levy implementations across the state of Queensland, she looks forward to the opportunities that this affords our industry, to redefine industry standards and best practice methodologies

7/24/2019 7:15 AM - 9:15 AM
Blackbird Riverside Centre 123 Eagle Street Brisbane, QLD 4000 AUSTRALIA
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