ENVIRO’18 is set to challenge thinking about waste in Australia - how we see it as the resource it is in order that Australia can move towards a new economy that is both resource efficient and economically viable.

We all know that the current linear ‘make-take-waste’ approach is no longer viable. Australian companies face the ongoing challenge of remaining competitive, whilst managing finite resources, developing and managing sustainable infrastructure and supply chains, monitoring costs and responding to regulation. At the same time consumers are increasingly more aware and demanding that business be sustainable in all meanings of the word.

ENVIRO’18 will provide an opportunity to hear about the principles of the Circular Economy from international experts, as well as national leaders who have embraced a new way of thinking, as well as view innovation and new technologies.

Please download the conference program here.

Here are a few of our speakers
  • Caroline Lambert - First Counsellor, Climate and Environment Policies, Delegation of the European Union to Australia
  • Dr Marcus Gover - Chief Executive Officer, WRAP UK
  • Prof Ross Garnaut - Economist, University of Melbourne
  • Amélie Rouvin - Environment & Circular Economy Manager, Veolia Group
  • Arthur Huang - Chief Executive Officer, Miniwiz
  • Vaughn Levitzke - Chief Executive Officer, Green Industries SA
  • Mark Venhoek - Chief Executive Officer, Suez Australia & New Zealand
  • Jon Dee - Anchor Host, Smart Money