About Enviro'18

ENVIRO’18 has the opportunity to bring all the pieces of the puzzle together. Australia needs to think Circular - Europe has demonstrated that it’s good for business and good for the economy, it has the potential to save costs, whilst stimulating growth and boosting jobs, whilst reducing environmental impacts. Australia needs to embrace a life cycle driven.

It will bring together leaders from business, government and academia to learn from and discuss the experience of government and businesses overseas, to ensure that the transition to Circular is as seamless and well informed as possible. We all know that the current linear ‘make-take-waste’ approach is no longer viable and that we need to change the way we design, purchase, think, use, and produce the goods of today, in order that they can be the resources of tomorrow.

Over two days we will hear from international experts, as well as national leaders who have embraced a new way of thinking and can demonstrate how commercial and environmental gains can be achieved by its implementation and why it is vital that government take a leadership role in making this transition happen.

Who should attend Enviro'18

  • All levels of Government both Federal, State and Local
  • Environmental management, planning/infrastructure, transport, urban design, resources, built cities portfolios, innovators
  • Environmental services providers, representation from the following sectors: resource recovery, procurement, property, landfill operators, sustainability, purchasing, waste, sustainability and consultants.