About WasteSA City Walking Tour
Lessons from the past, visions of the future

Join us on a walking tour of this vibrant and modern city where thousands of people come to live, work, & play. Adelaide may have once been seen by many as ‘a big country town’ but even if the stigma remains this is certainly no longer the case. The city has grown in both population and diversity with a range urban forms such as shops, houses, apartments, & public spaces from the old and iconic like Adelaide’s famed central markets to the modern Whitmore square apartments and everything in between.

Take a stroll and gain an understanding of the many challenges posed by such a diverse and changing landscape that constantly battles the economies of scale and defies a one-size-fits-all. Learn about how policy, planning, design, technology, services all interact in the rich, and at time extremely complicated, tapestry of waste management and resource recovery in the city. You will see some great examples of how a variety of approaches have been used to achieve great waste management and resource recovery outcomes that will be robust enough to stand the test of time for many years to come.

During the City Walking Tour you will visit:

  • Café Troppo & Eco Apartments (Whitmore Square)
  • Christie Walk
  • 100-113 South Tce (Higher Density Waste Management)
  • 9Ergo & RnR Apartments (Mixed use Buildings - Residential & Retail)
  • Central Markets (Climate-KIC Program)
About WasteSA Technical Tours
Innovations and Technology - Making the most of our waste resources

Join this tour and take a behind-the-scenes look at how technology and innovation have been embraced by the waste and resource recovery sector in South Australia. You will gain a valuable insight into the systems that are pushing the industry forward from collection at the kerb through to resource and energy recovery as we move toward a circular economy.

There is a choice of two great bus tours, each offering a different take on this theme and locations:

  • Technical Tour 1 - Source separation, recycling & energy recovery.
    • Cleanaway Transfer Station Wingfield
    • ResourceCo
    • SA Water (Bolivar)
  • Technical Tour 2 - Green organics and food waste.
    • Bremerton Winery, Langhorne Creek
    • Peats Soils Brinkley
    • Plant 4