Tony Circelli, BEng (Hons), MBA, FGLF- Chief Executive Officer
Environment Protection Authority South Australia

Program item: TBA
 Wednesday 14 November 2018
 Second Plenary - Opportunities for South Australia


Tony Circelli has held a variety of senior executive leadership positions with the EPA and was appointed Chief Executive in 2014. He has led national and state policy and strategy development, and held executive roles in regulatory operations, strategy and corporate governance functions.

Over the last 10 years Tony has led a number of waste and resource recovery related reforms in SA including, assisting government to introduce nation leading provisions under the State’s Waste to Resources Policy to establish the operating framework and conditions that underpin SA’s billion dollar resource recovery sector

Tony is a member of the EPA Board, the national research group CRC CARE, and Presiding Member of the SA Radiation Protection Committee. He is also a member of the State Government’s Senior Management Council, Australian Institute of Company Directors, and Fellow of the SA’s Governor’s Leadership Foundation. Tony was also recently appointed to the Federal Asbestos Safety and Eradication Council.