Ben Flanagan - Cooper Basin Manager
Veolia Australia & New Zealand

Program item: Change the cycle
 Thursday 15 November 2018
 Stream Seven: Building a Waste Wise Industry and Community


Ben is charged with managing Veolia SA/NT’s largest ongoing contract and is responsible for the day-to-day operations and management of more than 60 staff and 3 complex waste facilities, including an in-situ, purpose-built, sludge treatment plant.

Ben’s management style is proactive and open and as such he has found it easy to overcome significant hurdles, such as the tyranny of distance, multiple stakeholder requirements, economic conditions and access to reliable staff. With more than 10 years Oil & Gas operational experience, Ben recognised the importance of developing a corporate understanding and as such, has recently completed a Strategic Management course that has been beneficial in exposing him to the “back end” of the Veolia business.

Within Veolia, Ben has been earmarked as a future leader of the business due to his professionalism and strong work ethic.