Umur Natus  
Brisbane City Council

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Wednesday 27 March 2019
 14:20 pm
 Session 4:

In his current role, Umur oversees the development and implementation of Council’s resource recovery projects as well as downstream waste management operations and contracts such as the Resource Recovery Innovation Alliance. Before, Umur managed Council’s Waste Contracts Renewal Project within time and budget expectations. He led a high-performance and innovative project team responsible for Council’s $3 billion waste services contracts. The team received the 2017 Lord Mayor’s Award of Excellence in the category ‘Value for Money’.
Prior to joining Council Umur held advisory roles at Queensland Treasury Corporation and the Local Government Association of Queensland. Before joining Government roles Umur was waste management consultant and project manager with over 100 projects in 19 countries.
Umur holds a Civil Engineering Master of Science (Honours) from Darmstadt University of Technology and a Master of Business Administration from Deakin University.