Richard Yeates   
PhytoLink & Associates

Program item: Plant selection for Queensland landfill caps: emerging trends and methods
 Wednesday 27 March 2019
 11:35 am
 Session 1: Landfill Closure

Introduced the concept of phytocaps to Australia in 2002 and continues to champion their development. Helped frame objectives for the ARC/industry funded A-ACAP study 2006-2011.
Played major role in raising the M$4.25 from industry and government for A-ACAP’s budget. Appointed Program Manager 2006.
One of 5 joint authors of the WMAA publication, Phytocaps Guidance Manual, 2011.
Since 2011, as contractor and consultant, contributed significantly to Phytocap design and research.
With ATC Williams, promoted the ‘Phytocap, Regional Design Concept’ and with Griffith University, seeks to optimise plant selection for engineering strength and maximum airspace benefit.