Peter Kjeldsen  
Department of Environmental Engineering, 
Technical University of Denmark (DTU) 

Program item: The effect of waste to energy and advanced resource recovery on landfill waste disposal: a European experience

 Wednesday 27 March 2019

09:05 am
Opening Plenary

Peter Kjeldsen received his M.Sc (1982) and Ph.D. (1986) from Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Peter Kjeldsen is currently employed as professor at Department of Environmental Engineering, DTU. His research mainly relates to characterization of waste, environmental effects of waste treatment and disposal facilities, and mitigation of landfill gas emissions. He has worked intensively on methane oxidation as a landfill gas mitigation process, and has forwarded the process through several laboratory projects into a full-scale mitigation technology. He has published more than 350 scientific publications, including 103 publications registered by Web of Science. These publications have received more than 4300 citations and given an H-index of 30. In Web of Science advanced search he is ranked 6th worldwide in the area “landfill”, and 1st worldwide in the area “landfill gas”.  In 2007, he received the Nobel Peace Prize as part of the IPCC author group for the Fourth Assessment Report.