Mark Winser - General Manager, Assets Management   
Kimbriki Environmental Enterprises

Program item: Prudent Provisioning for Closure/Post-Closure Costs
 Wednesday 27 March 2019

14:20 pm
 Session 3:
Landfill Operations

Mark Winser is General Manager – Asset Management at Kimbriki Environmental Enterprises. This role encompasses operational, projects and planning aspects of a multi-functional resource recovery centre receiving and processing over 300,000 tonnes per annum with a recovery rate approaching 80%. 
Before commencing with Kimbriki Mark was the Technical Manager at the Remondis Organic Resource Recovery Facility, commissioning then operating the tunnel composting facility processing food and garden waste, biosolids and mixed solid waste. 
Prior to this he worked with NSW Agriculture, Sydney University and Southern Cross University’s Environmental Science Business Arm.