Liza Du Preeza
Golder Associates 

Program item: 
Infrastructure development over old landfills: What to do with the gas?
Wednesday 27 March 2019
16:50 am
 Session 5:
Design Challenges and Lessons Learned 

Liza du Preez is a Principal Landfill Engineer and Associate, based in Perth.  Liza has more than 22 years' experience in landfill engineering and waste handling.  She has dealt with a variety of waste types, including municipal, industrial, oil & gas (hydrocarbon), hazardous and mine waste.  Her experience ranges from design, construction monitoring, site management, operational and long term plans and closure for landfills, containment structures, ponds and dams, bioremediation facilities and landfill gas mitigation systems related to infrastructure development.  She has a particular interest, and 22 years' experience, in the use of geosynthetics in various applications such as landfill and containment pond liners, tailings storage facility liners and landfill caps, etc., which includes design, assessment, specifications and installation quality assurance.