Garrett Hall

BSc (hons), MEnvSc, CEnvP

Principal Environmental Scientist, Associate, Golder

Program item: The optimisation and siting of RRC infrastructure across regional municipal Councils
 Thursday 28 March 2019
 11:10 am
 Session 8: Transfer Station Development Case Studies

Garrett is a Principal Environmental Scientist within Golder’s Melbourne Environment team, with 17 years’ experience providing strategic advice to clients in relation to regulatory liaison, waste planning, strategic planning, regulatory approvals and regulatory compliance.  His focus is on assisting industry with driving resource efficiency while minimising compliance costs. Garrett combines his scientific skills with his knowledge of environmental legislation and regulatory practices to develop sustainable environmental outcomes. He completed a research-based Masters of Environmental Science at Monash University in 2010, with a major study of international waste regulation and management, and has Chaired the WMRR Hazardous Waste Working Group since 2009, providing him with a detailed knowledge of the waste management sector.