Fred Gassner  
Golder Associates

Program item: 
Experience with Material CQA Testing Results
Thursday 28 March 2019
11:50 am
 Session 7:
Liner Design & CQA

Fred in a Principal of Golder Associates and is located in their Melbourne office.  He is has over 35 years experience with waste related facilities in Africa, Asia and Australia.  Fred has a broad range of practical experience with investigation, design, permitting, construction, capping, closure of landfills and related facilities, using a wide variety of materials for liner and drainage systems, both natural and geosynthetic materials.  He has been involved in a wide range of waste projects globally, in a wide variety of weather, regulator and topographic locations, presenting varied challenges.  Fred has extensive experience in the geosynthetics engineering, extending into the design and operation of a large variety of earth, waste (incl. tailings) and water retaining structures.