Aidan Marsh
Biogas Systems Australia

Program item: 
Hazardous ground gas risk assessment - improvements and lessons learned using high frequency in situ gas analysers
Thursday 28 March 2019
15:10 pm
 Session 10:
Carbon & LFG

Aidan is a Landfill Specialist with over 22 years’ experience in both consultancy and the waste management industry in Australia, UK, Europe, United States and Asia. Aidan has a post graduate degree in environmental technology and bioscience that has been put to use in understanding the whole landfill ecosystem and how it can be managed.

Aidan’s background in operational LFG management has helped in consultancy based projects for landfill operators, local councils, developers and planners. Aidan’s focus is primarily on ground gas risk assessments and remediation for developments close to or on top of landfill sites.